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Polyakov, Sukharev & Partners

Your Bookkeeping Is Our Concern

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Request for incoming source documents of a Client directly from his counterparties (by e-mail, if necessary phone contact with the bookkeeping department of Client's counterparties)
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Bookkeeping in 1С:Enterprise
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"Number of employees" means the average number of employees per month for the reissued period, reporting on which should be reissued. If HR recordkeeping needs no reconstruction, set the number of employees to "0".
"The number of documents/ month" means the average number of documents per month for the reissued period, reporting on which should be reissued.
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To order the service please contact us by phone (+7 812) 950-27-40 or (+7 812) 424-19-75 or fill in the Service Form and we will contact you promptly.
*Price based on permanent and temporary promotions: up to 65% discounts. Learn more detailed information on this promotion on the "Promotions and Discounts" page.
**Только налоговый учет - учет с целью расчета налогов. Бухгалтерский учет при этом не ведется. Обязательно ознакомьтесь с подробностями услуги "Только налоговый учет"!
**The workplaces on a secure server (DaaS): We have arranged for you complete workplaces on remote powerful computers (Desktop-as-a-Service, DaaS). These workplaces already contain all necessary licensing programs. Learn more about the benefits of this service.
*Акция Помощь малому бизнесу: cкидка 10% для ИП и ООО с оборотом менее 300000 руб./мес. Скидки по этим акциям суммируются.
To get a discount, simply enter your name, phone number and send us this form!
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"Polyakov & Partners", LLC means high professional level, strong business acumen and ability to establish reliable contact shortly. During our cooperation "Polyakov & Partners" within a short period of time managed to help my company in creating interim accounts and transit of bookkeeping was successfully done.

I. Puchkovsky, CEO at "Severstal", LLC

„It is very important that you can trust your accountants, rely on them. Such people make the “Polyakov, Sukharev & Partners” team: reliable, professional, dedicated. And I am proud of working side by side with them.”

Anton Polyakov
"Polyakov, Sukharev & Partners"

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Our Services

Comprehensive Accounting Service

We keep the books as they should be kept, without errors and delinquency. Our clients do not worry about the fact that we will forget to do something or will do it incorrectly. When source documentation has inaccuracies or we do not find the necessary document, we draw your attention to this and tell you what and how to fix it.
from 2100 rub./month

Preparation and Submission of Reporting

The main thing when choosing an accounting company is to know that your statements will be prepared correctly and submitted in due time, without delay. "Polyakov & Partners" guarantees this. Our experts have experience in preparing reporting for hundreds of different companies and IE (Individual Entrepreneurs). 100% reporting of our clients is submitted in time.
from 850 rub./quarter

Checking of Your Accounting - Auditing Services

We have been providing auditing services for over 10 years. As recently the cost of audit has increased in importance, we considered this tendency and achieved a relatively low cost of services without loss in its capacity at the expense of rational organization of our employees' work.
from 12000 rub.

HR Records Keeping

Financial benefit is not the main reason for involving a professional organization in HR recordkeeping. The main thing is confidence in results: recordkeeping should be carried out correctly, without errors and delinquency. Our specialists have over 10 years' experience in HR recordkeeping.
from 200 rub./month per employee

Reconstruction of Accounts

As a rule, reconstruction of accounts is the same usual account, but it should be kept when examining past periods. If there is no urgent need for reconstruction of accounts and all your documents are put in order, then the cost of service will be even lower than the cost of usual accounting services. In other cases, the cost of reconstruction of accounts is calculated individually, depending on specifics of tasks.
from 1500 rub./reconstracting month

Maximum protection of your information.
Workplaces on a secure server (DaaS)

We have created a data repository outside the Russian Federation to ensure maximum protection of your confidential information. In addition to simple data storage, we have arranged for you complete workplaces on remote powerful computers (Desktop-as-a-Service, DaaS). These workplaces already contain all necessary licensing programs.
from 500 rub./month

Small Business Support

In our opinion, small business support is one of the most important initiatives of the Russian Federation government. "Polyakov & Partners" fully shares this initiative. Within its framework, we provide individual entrepreneurs with 10% discount on all our services. The discount applies to all our services.
from 10% discount for small business


Creation of a proper financial policy, competent maintenance of accounting and tax records, tax burden optimization, proper preparation for tax audit - these and many other problems are critical to successful operation and growth of your business. All answers you get from our experts are based on our successful long-term experience.
from 990 rub./hour

Cost of Services

Please, use the Service Calculator™ to easily calculate the cost of our services taking into account discounts namely for you.
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Client Relations Department:
Mon-Fri: 10:00-19:00
+7 812 424-19-75, ext. 2
8 812 950-27-40

Accounting Department:
Mon-Fri: 9:30-18:00
+7 812 424-19-75, ext. 3

Quality Control Department:
every day: 11:00-20:00
+7 921 958-92-37

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