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Polyakov, Sukharev & Partners

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Preparation and Submission of Reporting

The main thing when choosing an accounting company is to know that your statements will be prepared correctly and submitted in due time, without delay. "Polyakov & Partners" guarantees this. Our experts have experience in preparing reporting for hundreds of different companies and IE (Individual Entrepreneurs). 100% reporting of our clients is submitted in time.
All material risks of our clients are fully insured.

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Ordering of this Service

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Cost of this Service

The cost of services includes courier services on sending statements to FTA, PFR and SIF via post. Valuable letters are paid separately, at prime cost, without extra charge.
The cost is specified without temporary promotions and discounts.
Cost of 1 quarter when paying for 4 quarters / when paying quarterly
Documents / Employees STS Income STS Income-Expenditure UTII GTS
Zero Tax Return in the 1st instance (Tax, PFR or SIF) 1600 1360
0 / 0 (Zero Accounting in all instances) 3100 2590 3100 2590 3600 3090 4100 3490
0-10 (in a quarter) / +300 for an employee (in a quarter) 3500 2990 4100 3490 4100 3490 4700 3990
More than 10 (in a quarter)/more than 0 The cost is individually calculated
Cost of 1 quarter when paying quarterly / when paying for 4 quarters
Documents / Employees STS Income STS Income-Expenditure UTII GTS
Zero Tax Return in the 1st instance (Tax, PFR or SIF) 1600
0 / 0 (Zero Accounting in all instances) 3100 3100 3600 4100
0-10 (in a quarter) / +440 for an employee (in a quarter) 3500 4100 4100 4700
More than 10 (in a quarter)/more than 0 The cost is individually calculated
Payment Period: Quarter.

Nearest Reporting Deadlines

Deadline for Filling Accounts Instance Documents Who applies? Deadline for Payment
February, 15

February, 20*
PFR Calculation of insurance fee (RSV-1) All LLCs and IEs with employees On 15th of each month

View all dates and types of reporting 2015-2016 >>

Preparation of accounting includes

  • Processing and systematization of source accounting documents;
  • Payroll accounting;
  • Preparation and submission of accounting (financial) statements in accordance with the Russian Federation's laws;
  • Calculation of tax base provided by laws (VAT, income tax, unified social tax, property tax, etc.);
  • Formation of transactions according to tax charges;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns (on income tax, VAT, property tax, unified social tax);
  • Drawing up of accounts on extra-budgetary funds (Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund).

Consulting on tax optimization, development of integrating accounting data into a common management accounting of companies and other consulting services are provided after the accounting service, upon mutual agreement of the parties.

Comparison of "Preparation and Submission of Reporting" and "Comprehensive Accounting" services

When ordering "Bookkeeping" the "Preparation of Reporting" service is provided free of charge. Therefore, it makes sense to order "Preparation of Reporting" only in those cases, if your company requires no monthly accounting services. This is possible in two cases: either your company conducts no activity (in this case zero accounting is drawn) or its activity is minimal (up to 10 documents per quarter). It should be noted that even bank settlement account administration charge is an activity and eliminates the possibility of drawing zero accounting.

If your company conducted activities exceeding 10 documents a quarter, but for one reason or another it kept no accounts, the cost of preparation of reporting is calculated individually based on the cost of Reconstruction of Accounts for the months when accounting was not kept, plus the cost of preparation of reporting.

A detailed comparison of "Preparation of Reporting" and "Accounting Services" is given below.
Preparation of Reporting Comprehensive Accounting
Tax calculation for IFTS
Formation and submission of tax returns
Tax calculation on employee payroll for PFR and SIF
Formation and submission of reports to extra-budgetary funds
Property accountability for late report delivery
Property accountability for improper accounting maintenance
Provision of a Personal Accountant
Carrying out reconciliations with counterparties
Consulting on accounting issues
Regular reminders of the need for submitting source documents
Check and systematization of accounting documents
Formation of income and expenditure ledger
Formation of purchase ledger and sales ledger
Formation of 1C accounting base partially
Data compliance of tax reporting and 1C accounting base depending on the list of submitted documents
Passing of tax audit extra pay
Passing of bank audit extra pay
Payroll extra pay
Mail services for sending valuable letters of reporting extra pay

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Client Relations Department:
Mon-Fri: 10:00-19:00
+7 812 424-19-75, ext. 2
8 812 950-27-40

Accounting Department:
Mon-Fri: 9:30-18:00
+7 812 424-19-75, ext. 3

Quality Control Department:
every day: 11:00-20:00
+7 921 958-92-37

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